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Sani+Pak was created to make hand sanitizing easy, simple and effective. During the pandemic, it has never been more important to stay clean and help prevent the spread of covid 19.

Our individual gel packets allow for less evaporation of ethyl alcohol resulting in stronger potency to kill germs. We offer our clients the option to buy our product in small sizes for individual everyday use, in bulk sizes for large businesses and everywhere in between. Sani+Pak will prove to have no spills or messes using our no-leak design or from carrying around bulky bottles unlike Purell or GermX.Our product is convenient and more sanitary than bottles, especially for those store-use bottles that cause cross contamination. Sani+Pak hand sanitizer gel packs are small enough to fit in your purse, wallet or pocket that allows for easy storage. Its light fragrance and skin moisturizing aloe gel makes your hands feel soft and refreshing instead of sticky and smelly unlike others.