1 Carton of 125 Packets

SKU: SP-001


Sani+Pak is an easy, compact, on-the-go way to sanitize your hands when soap and water are not available. Hand sanitizer has never been easier to use with Sani+Pak gel packets. Our durable, no-leak design is perfect to take anywhere! Throw Sani+Pak in your purse, wallet, vehicle and your kid’s backpack! It is even air travel (TSA) compliant so you can be sure to keep your family safe and healthy during your next family vacation!


Each Sani+Pak gives you the right amount of our 70% Ethanol Alcohol formula to kill 99.9% of most common germs. Our formula is non-sticky, and contains Aloe and Vitamin E that help to moisturize your skin.

Just tear off the top portion of the Sani+Pak and squirt contents into your hand. Rub both hands together until dry. It’s that simple! Killing germs has never been easier!


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