Sanitizing Protects The Planet

Sani+Pak is an eco-friendly product that allows you to protect the planet by protecting yourself first.

Sani+Pak Prevents The Spread of Covid-19

Help prevent the spread of covid 19 by using our sanitizing wipes before using a shopping cart, an ATM machine or anything that collects germs.



Safe On-the-Go Sanitizer

Bring our individual wrapped sanitizing gel packs on the go that will fit easily in your purse or pocket.

Happy Birthday America

We are thrilled to celebrate our country and keeping it safe in the process with our hand sanitizer packs.

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! Remember to practice social distancing and stay sanitized to prevent the spread of covid 19.

Practice Safe Social Gatherings

Supporting our local businesses is important, but preparation, protection and prevention will keep our businesses thriving longer.

TSA Compliant & Doctor Recommended

Traveling may be harder during this pandemic, but we make it easy to travel safe with our airplane compliant, doctor recommended and mom approved sanitizer packs.

Covid-19 Cases Stop With Me

We all need to do our part and stop the spread of Covid 19 by staying home, however we cannot stop ourselves from everything like going to the grocery store. That is why we make it easy, simple and effective to clean your hands with Sani+Pak.

Hand Sanitizer Made Easy

Sani+Pak hand sanitizer gel packs come sealed with a built in Sani+Spout channel and has an easy to open tear notch for a quick and simple solution.

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